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Finding a job and working in Lithuania is one of the reasons one might want to get a residence permit in Europe (an example of this would be a residence permit in Latvia). If you work in Lithuania, you can also enjoy all the benefits of being in the EU, e.g. B. Freedom of movement within the Schengen area, the ability to work and conduct business in member states with lower requirements, and travel to European destinations without a visa requirement (with some exceptions).

Job offers
Currently there are about 18 375 job vacancies in Lithuania. That is 1.4% of all filled and unfilled positions in the country.

Wages and expenses
In Lithuania, the minimum wage is 555 euros, while the average salary is 1289 euros.

A single person in Lithuania spends an average of 522 euros per month, not including rent.

Work week
The standard working week in Lithuania is 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

Useful Resources
If you are planning to work in Lithuania, it is useful to know the following information and organization contacts.

Work permit services
If you are interested in working in Lithuania, you need a work permit and a residence permit (which in some cases are issued at the same time). To do this, you can enlist the help of our legal team – we advise, find the best solutions for your individual case and provide all kinds of legal assistance. Contact us using the form at the top right of the page and start your journey to your dream job in Lithuania.

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